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Vaasthu Brahmarishi, Jyotisha Jyanacharya Prof. Dr. N.S. Murthy

Prof. Dr. N. S. Murthy is a consultant in Vaasthu, Astrology, Gemmology, Numerology, Feng Shui and is a Clairvoyant.

Practising Vaasthu for almost three decades. Clientèle include from all walks of life, right from individuals, small business to MNC’s in India, US, UK, Africa, Nairobi, Dubai, Sharjah, Bahrain, Singapore, Romania, Bangkok, Indonesia and many other countries. A Science Graduate from the Bangalore University. Joined in Bhoruka steel Ltd, in as a Purchase Officer. Later started his own business in metal scrap and started maintaining Electrical Motors up to 1000Hp, simultaneously started Transport Business. Worked as a Branch Manager of SK Tulsyan Trading Company, Bombay. Later ventured into consultancy in Vaasthu which was the need of the time.

A SHREE VIDYA UPASAKA, blessed and initiated by Late Guru Shri Krishna Murthy Iyer, Thambaram, Chennai. Shree Vidya Upasana helped him develop his skills in Clairvoyance, which helped with more applicability of Vaasthu principles and Astrological sciences. He also specialises in Medical Astrology.

He has done lots of research on Vaasthu and has written and presented many research papers in National & International conferences, in the process doing his Ph.D. in Astrology from Viswa Jyotish Vidyapith, Kolkata, in Vaasthu and Alternate Medicine, winning gold medals for both. Received Doctorate Degree in Astrological Sciences (Medical Astrology) from International Federation of Astrology and Spiritual Sciences (IFASS), Matara, Sri Lanka.

He has delivered many lectures and has authored numerous articles on Vaasthu, Astrology and similar subjects at many Seminars and Conferences and his articles have been published in many books and he has been a regular columnist in the widely circulated Kannada daily newspaper Prajavani, where-in he answers the people’s queries and problems, using the principles of Vaasthu, Astrology, Numerology and Clairvoyance.


President Centre for Research and Application of Vaasthu Science (India) (CRAVS), Bangalore.

President – International Federation of Astrological & Spiritual Sciences (IFASS), Bangalore, Karnataka Chapter.

Founder-Chairman Astro Vaasthu Educational and Charitable Trust (R) (AVECT), Bangalore.

Life Member – International Federation of Astrological & Spiritual Sciences (IFASS), Matara, Sri Lanka.

Life Member – Astrological Research Project, Kolkata, West Bengal.

Life Member – Asian Astrologers Congress, India.

Life Member – Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, Kolkata.

Life Member – Karnataka State of Astrology and Allied Science’s Teacher’s Association, Bangalore.

Life Member – Indian Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS), Bangalore Chapter.

Life Member – Indian Institute of World Culture, Bangalore.

Honours and Awards

Eminent Astrologer – 2007

Man of the year – 2007, 2009

Great Astrologer of Asia – 2008

Vaasthu Brahmarishi

Vaasthu Alankara

Vaasthu Diggaja

Vaasthu Jnana Vishwakarma

Vaasthu Jnana Bramha

Vaasthu Mahacharya

Vaasthu Nidhi

Vaasthu Shilpa Praveena

Vaasthu Vidyabhanu

Vaasthu Vidyabhushana

Vaasthu Prabhakar

Jyotir Vidya Poshaka

Jyotir Vidya Prapanna

Jyotir Jnana Acharya

Jyotir Vidya Vaachaspathi

Jyotish Vidya Baridhi

Jyotisha Samrat

Jyotisha Guru

Jyotisha Kalamani

Jyotisha Padmashree

Jyotisha Sahakara Ratna

Jyotisha Shastra Bruhaspathi

Jyotisha Vidya Vachaspathi

Jyotisha Visharadha

Jyotisha Jyanacharya

Professor of Astrology

Recipient of:

Vandemataram Award

Raja Ram Mohan Roy Award

Acharya J.C. Basu Award

Pashupathinath Award

Astro Friendship Award (Nepal)

Rashtriya Vaasthu Ratna

Vishwa Karma Award

Bharatha Bhushana National Award – 2009

Bharat Alankar – 2010