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Vaasthu Shastra – Way of Life

Whether you are aware of the different types of signals, different types of results, even though they are invisible like radio waves, tv signals, mobile signals, satellite signals,, this way each and every material used for construction of the house has its own energy, like the sand absorbs the water but stone does not.

Without Pancha Maha Bhootas, we cannot live because the water, air, is more essential for the life of a human being. When a human uses any material for construction of the house, with inbuilt Pancha Maha Bhootas strength / effect, the influences of these which gives rise the positive and the negative effect of the person who dwells in that house.

The Income Tax Department keeps an eye on each and every person, whether they pay the taxes or not, however it may be they are forced to pay the tax, similarly whether that person who believes in this subject (Shastra) or not, the effect is present by default.

The delayed answer to your question will kindle your interest to further progress your quest into the subject.

Please for heavens sake do not forget that the source and the the ancient gurus who have given to us with their practice, usage and experience, for how long?

It is over 8000 years old ancient heritage given to us to live a peaceful life in this house even in your running period of bad time.

Every Human has a right to discuss and comment on any subject, however it should be done only after a deep study and after having in-depth knowledge about the subject in question.

Please read this article and other articles about Vaasthu.


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