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  • Surya, Mangala, Shani and Rahu are regarded as the planets of the earth and tell the past.
  • Chandra and Budha are planets of the mid-region and tell the present.
  • Guru and Shukra are planets of the heavens and foretell the future.


  • Surya and Mangala represents Pitta
  • Shukra and Chandra represents Kapha
  • Shani and Rahu represents Vaata
  • Budha and Guru are well balanced


  • Surya and Chandra – Satwic Grahas
  • Guru, Shukra and Budha – Rajasik Grahas
  • Mangala and Shani – Tamasic Grahas


  • Surya – Bones
  • Chandra – Blood
  • Mangala – Bone Marrow
  • Budha – Skin
  • Guru – Fat
  • Shukra – Semen
  • Shani – Muscles
  • The Sun is related to the bones in the body. He is the central planet in the solar system and the prop of all the planets which revolve round him.
  • Therefore, he represents basic things in all fields.
  • The prop of the body is the skeleton system and the source of the beatings of life is the heart.
  • So the Sun represents and is Lord of the bones and the heart.
  • In a horoscope, the Lord of the Ascendant repsesents his primary ingredient or Dhatu.
  • Thus if Lagnesh or the Lord of the Ascendant is Sun and is in his exaltation and is strong in other ways also, then the bones of the native will be strong, there will be great amount of Calcium in the body.
  • If, due to the combination of some malefic planet or by his aspect, the native gets his bone fractured, he will be very soon recovered or cured.
  • If Lagnesh is the Sun and he is in his fall, the native will have frequent fractures due to accidents and the bones are weakened.
  • If such a Sun is related to Saturn, a factor in delay, the native develops chronic disease of the bones such as Bone T.B.


  • Surya – Temple
  • Chandra – Watery place
  • Mangala – Place of fire
  • Budha – Sports ground
  • Guru – Treasure house
  • Shukra – Bedroom
  • Shani – Filthy ground
  • The Sun has governance over all those places that are meant for worship such as a temple, mosque, church etc.
  • The place in the House where the native performs his prayer or worship regularly is governed by the Sun.
  • The Moon has her dominion in bathrooms, inside the house and outside the house, she has her governance over tanks, wells, seas, rivers etc.
  • Mars governs kitchens, furnaces, the house of the grain roasters and those places where ever fire is used often.
  • Mercury has lordship over sport grounds and places of entertainments.
  • Banks and treasure houses are governed by Jupiter
  • while Venus’s governance or lordship is over bed rooms, places of sexual intercourse, and other places that are meant for fulfilling lustful actions and Saturn has his lordship over heaps of dirt and filth.
  • These are used to identify places of birth.
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