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Gems in our Daily Life

Why should we use Gems?

What are the benefits of wearing Gems?

Gemmology is a knowledge dealing with the precious and semi-precious gems and gemstones. It is considered a geosciences and a branch of mineralogy.In Astrology it is believed that Gems play a vital role as a Parihara for our past and present karmas and to improve the present and future life.

Our Maharishis identified the Paramathma Amsha in the nature. They have worshipped the nature through trees, stones, roots, plants, herbs, etc. They have also guided us to worship the same to overcome the Doshas of the Grahas in our life.

All the Grahas are also of Parmatma Amsha, the Gemstones represent these Grahas. Hence these Gems possess the Parmatma Amsha. These Gems are Pariharas as given in the Parihara Jyotisha.

Gemmology can be traced back to many texts like:
  • The Rig Veda
  • The Ramayana
  • The Mahabharatha
  • Skanda Purana
  • Garuda Maha Purana
  • Rathna Pariksha
  • Brihat Samhita
  • Arthashastra
  • The TaNaKh (Jewish Hebrew Bible)
  • The Holy Bible
  • Ayurveda Books
And many other scriptures and texts in almost all cultures and religions of the world. Many gems have been mentioned in these texts, along with how they originated, why they originated and who wore them.
In Hindu Mythology all the Gemstones can be classified into three types, they are:
1.Gems of Swargaloka
2.Gems of Patalaloka
3.Gems of Marthyaloka
The Gems of Swargaloka are worn by Gods like the Syamantakamani, Chintamani, Kausthabhamani, Rudramani, etc.
There are Nine Gems of Patalaloka which are worn by Nine Nagas or Serpents which rule over the Patalaloka. These gems are each of different colour and the lights from the gems illuminate the entire Patalaloka.
The Gems of Marthyaloka are the ones that is known to and worn by Humans.
These gems of Marthyaloka are further divided into 3 parts:
The Navaratnas are 9 gems assigned to the Navagrahas (Nine Grahas) which are used for the propagation of the Navagrahas and for getting beneficial results.

Gems in Our Daily Life

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