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Determining Longevity through Astrology – Mr. Sadasivaiah

Determining the longevity of a person is perhaps one of the most difficult part in the usage of Astrology.

Sage Parashara says that it is even difficult for the Devathas to judge the longevity of a person.

Even the Muni’s and learned Astrologers are also under the opinion that they are also not able to predict the longevity. §A person’s life span can be increased or decreased by the person’s actions, good deeds and manner of living.

There are many parameters to be considered to calculate the longevity of a person, like:

1.Dictums for long life



4.Yogas for longevity

5.General Yogas

6.Pushkara Amsha

7.Dasha – Bhukthi Gochara, etc.

Determining Longevity through Astrology – Mr. Sadasivaiah

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