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House of Complications

This house is facing the North direction which is auspicious; the main gate is also situated in the North-East corner of the compound wall.

In the shape of the building there is an abetment in the East of South-East corner of the building which is against the Vaasthu principles, due to this abatement and extension of building in the East of South-East that has lead to North-East segment missing right angle. This is also inauspicious to the inmates and especially to the master and the children.

There is also the back door in South of South-West segment which gives chronic ill health to master and loss of funds. The master had hernia operation and it led to Hepatitis B – complication of the liver. This has given him chronic ailments.

There is also a bathroom and toilet in the South-West segment. As per Vaasthu principles, this is also banned in this segment. This also causes chronic ill-health and ill-wealth to the master.

North-East is ruled by Guru Graha. Due to North-East segment missing right angle, Guru causes impediments to children especially to the male children, In this house the first son had educatonal problems and psychological problems – he was very much hyper sensitive and also with lot of mental abrasions and due to impotency he has no issues. 

Remedies provided as follows:-

1.I have asked them to remove the garage in the South-East segment.

2.Asked them to correct the missing right angle in North-East corner by constructing a varandah.

3.Shift the bathroom and toilet from South-West segment to the centre of South direction.

4.Closed the back door in South of South-West.

5.Recommended for correction in the Mother foundation.

6.As per the horoscope of all the inmates of the house the Astrological pariharas were given to them along with Vaasthu and Feng-Shui remedies.

After following these remdies, they have come out of the financial problems, Improvement in the health of the master and the elder son. Second son got married after the corrections were made.

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