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Loss making Steel industry

The newly opened steel industry was not at all doing well in the area of production was producing the bad and poor quality billets, due to this the industry was making very huge losses. The basic needs of Vaasthu was taken care of while construction of the industry.

There were labours problems, the labour contractors use to leave the industry because they were not meeting their basic break even in their earnings. The owner had fixed these contractors on the basis of the tonnage basis and with good quality production. Since the inception of the factory they could not produce good quality of steel at all.

They have called me to this factory in the Northern India.

I have inspected most of the placement of the main shed and all other building like stores, admin building, electrical sub-station, raw material storage and finished material storage were all in the right place as per the Vaasthu requirements.

I have studied all the happenings in the production area because fortunately I am from the steel industry back ground; so to say I have worked in the steel industry for more than eight years. Then I have understood that the after molten metal was poured to a ladle for taking this molten metal to billet casting machine, I have under stood that the molten metal is loosing the temperature while taking from the furnace pouring pit to billet cast in stand because there was huge open area in the west of south west area of the shed, this was causing the problems in bringing down the temperature of the liquid metal.

In these small industries the plant owners appoint only the skilled person or experienced person in this steel Industry, some times they are highly educated or a literate to understand to take care of small industries. This foreman could not understand se verity of the air movement in the west of south West area of the furnace installations.

The immediate remedy suggested to them after studying the entire situation for three days, to construct the wall in the West of South-West direction. To construct a huge wall takes lot of time, to know the benefit of avoid the air movement over the furnace area, I have asked them to cover with huge tarpaulin and took the production for our surprise, the first heat of ten tones produced were in good quality and no blow holes in the finished products. This was the first ten tones of material with good quality produced after inception of the industry.

Now the industry is doing very well with good profits and after this successful benefits from Vaasthu and Vaasthu consultant, they have advertised for me and gave me lot clients who were in desperate in need of Vaasthu benefits.

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