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House of Misfortune

This house is having the road in the West direction, also has a main gate to enter the property in the west of North-West direction.

There is a big garage in the northeast corner of the plot, the North-East is the area of the growth and is the place of eshanya sthana and eshwaras place, Lord Eshwara is known for destruction, the place gauravam, gnanam, putram and as well as for dhanam, place for growth for the master and as well as for children.

There is cattle shed is in the center of East and East of South-East corner, putting the weight in the center of East Covering the area of Shukra i.e. South-East corner, the Shukra is the lord of South-East, who is the lord of luxury giver and happiness giver to the females of the family.

There is a missing right angle in the North-East segment of the building and there is a extension in the East of South-East corner of the building because the servant room is situated.

This North-East missing right angle has given them huge losses in their profession by closing their four granites industries and only one son has finished his education with engineering, past nine years he is sitting at home doing nothing. He has no interest in working, even though the entire family is struggling to survive.

Due to the extension in the South-East the land lady had lungs ailment and heart problems. The husband and wife stayed separately for more than a decade.

The kitchen was also situated in the North-East segment of the house. As you are well aware the Vaasthu Shasthra and concept of Pancha bhootas clearly says that allow them place them in their appropriate place so that they give only good results, due to the placement of the fire in the Jala sthana, they have burnt their money and prosperity, they went under huge financial losses and they have burnt their own life and happiness.

Remedies provided as follows:-

1.I have asked them to remove the garage

2.Asked them to remove the center of East building

3.Asked them to demolish the cattle shed was situated in the East of South-East corner of the plot

4.Demolished the servant room of South-East corner of the main building.

5.Moved the kitchen from the North-East segment to the South-East segment.

6.Earlier the ailing mother used to sleep in the South-East area of the house , we moved her from South-East to South-West area, her health has improved the master/husband has started visiting the wife

7.As per the horoscope of all the inmates of the house the Astrological remedies were given to them along with spiritual pariharas.

Now there is substantial improvement in their life and in their profession and financial assistance received from one of their relative and friend to revive the closed down industries.

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  • physician assistant 05th June 2010, 10:48 AM

    This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

  • Sal 10th September 2010, 15:25 PM

    Hello Dr. Murthy,

    I need your views on a house I’m planning to purchase. The plot is rectangular, NE facing & the building is L shaped with the door facing East in the middle of the L, i.e the East quadrant is missing. The KItchen is in the S, Living is in W, Garage in lower N quadrant. All bedrooms are upstairs. How would you intepret this in VASTU?

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