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Shri Yantra

The Shri Yantra is formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the bindu point, the junction point between the physical universe and its unmanifest source.

It represents Sri Lakshmi, the goddess of abundance on all levels, in abstract geometric form.

It also represents Tripura Sundari, “the beauty of the three worlds.”

It is used for good luck as well as to attract wealth, fame, authority, prosperity, success and mental peace.

Shri Yantra removes all the negative vibrations and adds positive cosmic energies into our environment.

Shri Yantra picks up particular cosmic ray wave emitted by the planets and other universal objects and transform them into constructive vibrations.

These are then transmitted to the surroundings where the Shri Yantra is placed, thus destroying all destructive forces within the vicinity.

NOTE: This is especially used for Jana and Dhana Akarshana Shakti with the influence of the ancient Vedic Herbal remedy.

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