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House of Downfall

This house has a South direction road and it has South-West main gate, as per Vaasthu Shasthra this position of main gate is neecha sthana, which gives ill health to the master and ill wealth to the master.

There is also a water body near the South of South-West direction. This water body in the Niruthya sthana brings sudden death to the master especially.

There is no setbacks in the East and North directions and there is more space in the West direction and South direction this is against Vaasthu principles.

In the shape of the building there is an extension in the North-West direction of West direction. Due to this extension, it has created a West of South-West missing right angle.

There is also abatement of the building in the North-East area, which brings grinding halt to the prosperity to the inmates of the house and the children of this house.

The kitchen is posited in the extreme North-East corner of the building , this is the segment of Eshanya and also Jala sthana, the gate way of gods, the place of Guru graham gives Gauravam, Gnanam, Putram and Dhanam, if you maintain the gas stove in this area you will be burning the growth of your own and putting the family members in difficulty.

Added to this there is a main door is also posited in West of South-West direction, which is also not favorable for the longevity of the master.

This building has a slope roof in the South and West direction, the roof also refers only to the master’s down fall.

The results of the above Vaasthu defects are :-

1.Master died with out any illness, after the supper he retired for sleep but did not wake up in the morning.

2.All the four factories went bankruptcy and heavy losses and they had shutdown the same.

3.The bank took over the property but could not sell the same.

4.The son of this property at last had to work for another organisation and earn his bread for living.

Remedies given to them is as follows:-

1.The main gate was shifted to South of South-East area.

2.I have asked them to close the bore well which was situated in the South-West area.

3.I have asked them to close the main door which was in West of South-West direction.

4.I have asked them to cover the West of South-West area for making the house shape in rectangular in shape.

5.They have shifted the kitchen from North-East corner toNorth-West corner.

6.Because they could not create the set backs in the East and North direction that is in between the house and the compound wall, and suggested them to fix the mirror on the North wall and East wall.

7.I have asked them to fix the gutter for the roof slope of West and South direction for receiving the rain water and to avoid the fall of rain water in South and West direction. The gutter will take them to East and North direction.

8.Also given them Astrological remedies as per their horoscope.

9.Also suggested yantras for fixing in the house that is Matsya yantra and Vaasthu yantra.

After the carrying out of these corrections, he owns a small industry now and he is happy in his all endeavors.

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  • Khan 24th October 2010, 16:55 PM

    I never knew Vaasthu had such deep impacts in a person’s life, do you do house or office visits to say if the Vaasthu of the place is good or bad??

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