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Delay of Marriage due to Doshas in Horoscope and Vaasthu – 5

This house has Southern direction road. The first sister is of Kanya Rashi her directional strength is South as well as East direction. The second sister is of Dhanur Rashi; her directional strength is of East and North directions.


This house has a main gate in the south of south east – Surya Sthana, which is auspicious and is as per the principles of Vaasthu Shastra. The shape of the site is rectangular but shape of the constructed building is of L shape, has south east extension and there is an underground water sump posited in South-East segment. Also the underground water sump is in front of main door below the portico, which is against the by-law of Vaasthu Shastra.


All this indicates the problem to females both married and unmarried, of this house. This will yield unhappiness, lack of wish fulfilment and delay in settling in their life. Because Shukra is the Kalathrakaraka, the Lord which provides domestic happiness, companionship. Due to the Vaasthu Dosha in the Agni Sthana – Kalathra karaka Shukra Sthana, the females of this house may not have companionship in their married life.


The common toilet is situated in the North-East corner which is inauspicious to the inmates especially to the children, as this corner rules over children. The Kitchen is also posited in the North-East corner which is supposed to be in the Agni Sthana – South-East. However at present it is in the Jala Sthana, which is also burning the future and growth of the children of this house.


This house has staircase in the North of North-East region which is against the rule of Vaasthu. This also the weight on the growth of the children. This suffocates the inmates of the house.


There is a common bathroom in the South-West corner which is not acceptable as per Vaasthu principle, which indicates delays, obstacles, all endeavours of the inmates gets delayed, may have to face disappointments and misfortunes.


In the first floor the construction are made in the Eastern side of the building, the Western side kept vacant, the Eastern side of the building is a weight on the Eastern side, which suffocates especially the Father, and the daughter’s bedroom was situated in the South-East corner of the first floor. The overhead tank is situated in the South-East corner which is on Agni Sthana, which is inimical to this direction.


The Vaasthu Doshas have also further added the fuel to the fire in these two sisters life and hence these two sisters have remained unmarried till now.


We can conclude that the Doshas in the Horoscope is much more than the Vaasthu Doshas in the dwelling place. Hence the Vaasthu Doshas fuelled to delay their marriage. But due to the Doshas in their Horoscope, their marriage is denied.




Parihara – Delay of Marriage for Female

1. Aarka Vivaaha

2. Sri Swayamvara Parvati Homa

3. Srinivasa Kalyana

4. Girija Kalyana

5. Kumba vivaha

6. Gauri Pooja

7. Recite Sri Mangala Chandika Sthothram in front of Pancha Mukhi Deepa – For Mangala Dosha nivarana.

8. Pancha Ganesha Homa – To remove hurdles for the marriage.


Parihara – Delay of Marriage for Male

1. Kadali Vivaha

2. Rambavivaha


Parihara – Santhana Dosha for both Male and Female

1. Sarpadosha parihara,

2. Ashlesha Bali

3. Narayana Bali

4. Naga Prathistapana

5. Kooshmanda homa / Mahaprayashchittha Homa.

6. Shri Santana Gopalakrishna (Purusha Sooktha) Homa

7. Shri Gomukha Prasava or Gojanana Panchamarishta Shanthi.





1. Vaasthu Homa/Rakshogna Homa – To overcome Doshas in construction of a house.

2. Sudarshana Homa – To overcome errors in construction of a house.

3. Astadigbhandana Homa – To overcome evil Doshas at dwelling place.

4. Yantra Sthapana – In eight directions to overcome Vaasthu Doshas.

5. Shanku Sthapana – To generate the positive energy in dwelling place.




“Om Sham Shaam Sheem Sheeem Shum Shoom

Shem Shaim Shom Shoum Sham Shaha

Swam Sum Swaha ||.”

  • Anustana

12 Inches – Muthughada Beru – Recite 1000 times the above mentioned mantra.


Bury the piece of the plant inside the house and below the floor level.


Result: The Vaasthu Dosha gets eliminated.



“Dham, Dheem, Dhoom, Durjatee, Patnivam, Veem, Voom, VaaghaDeeshwari.

Kraam, Kreem, Kroom, Kalikaa Devi, Shaam, Sheem, Shoom, Mae, Shubham Kuru ||.”

  • Anustana

Please recite the above mantra 108 times for 21 days continuously daily before Kalikaa Devi.

Result: The harmony in home gets improved within 3 weeks.



Only those who can understand your problems and challenges can help you to move ahead.




  • They are Astrologers and Vaasthu consultants.
  • They can guide you in your life path.
  • They are your and the society’s well wisher and friend.
  • They are the solution finders for all your problems.


None other than an Astrologer, No one else can give you Solutions for life’s problems.



Their Duty is:

1. To give Predictions.

2. To give Precautions.

3. To give Solutions.

4. To give Guidance’s.


Please remember:

  • Jyotisha – It is the base for Vaasthu Shasthra.
  • Jyotisha is life of Vaasthu Shasthra.
  • Vaasthu Shasthra cannot live without Jyotisha base, but Jyotisha can survive without Vaasthu Shasthra.

Astrology is in our blood. It is our mythology. It is our philosophy. It is our heritage. Astrology is part of our Hindu culture. We Astrologers are dedicated to this society and committed to this humankind to maintain harmony and peace.



  • Astrology has link with the past life and also with the future life.
  • Our Karmas are classified onto three segments.


1. Sanchita – Karma that has already been performed and the fruits are waiting to be enjoyed.

2. Prarabdha – Karma motivated and inclined to perform in this life, which constitutes the freewill portion.

3. Aagami – Karma that will be done in future.


  • It is Further divided into:

1. Dridha: Karma whose results cannot be altered.

2. Adridha: Karmas which can be made bearable by proper and timely action.

3. Dridha – adridha: Whose results can be changed by pariharas for Grahas Doshas.




1. As you sow, so you reap, cause and effect apply in the moral sphere as well, not merely in the physical world.

2. Action and reaction even in the moral sphere are equal and opposite.

3. We reap the effects of what we did in our previous of life and lives,

4. For every cause, whether major or minor there has to be an effect.

5. The doctrine of truth will surprise those who believe that the man is the complete master of his own fate.

  • Note: In Elder sister’s Horoscope, Poorva Punya Sthana is occupied by Malefic Ketu, and in Younger Sister’s Horoscope, Poorva Punya Sthana is occupied by Gulika. Hence Poorva Punya Sthana is afflicted.




  • First and the foremost the Vaasthu Consultants should be an Astrologer.
  • Without Astrological knowledge a Vaasthu consultant is doing injustice to his profession.




  • Many consultants are misleading the people, that the denial of the marriage of a person is mainly due to Vaasthu Dosha’s.
  • Vaasthu Dosha’s plays a small and minimal role in delaying the marriage.
  • The marriage related issues are based mainly on the Horoscope.


Therefore, in my experience: Vaasthu Dosha’s can only Delay the Marriage but never deny it.


The End.

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    Great resource on marriage through Astrology.

  • Bahler 01st October 2010, 14:36 PM

    I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to understand. Unlike additional blogs I have read which are really not that good. I also found your entries very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he enjoyed it as well!

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