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Delay of Marriage due to Doshas in Horoscope and Vaasthu – 1

Marriage is a social, spiritual, and a legal union between two individuals. A successful marriage depends on two things: finding the right person and being the right person. A successful marriage is like a good recipe whose main ingredients are love, commitment, understanding, concern and togetherness. If you can include these aspects in your married life you can find happiness in your marriage.

Andre Maurois once aptly said, “A happy marriage is a long conversation which always seems too short.” A happy married life calls for constant commitment and concern for each other. Barnett Brickner says that “Success in marriage does not come merely through finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.”

Regardless of religion, culture or constitutional tradition, societies have always agreed on the nature of marriage.

The delay of marriage for any person is to be judged based on their horoscope. This is mainly due to the Doshas in the horoscope.

Many Vaasthu consultants mislead the people by saying that the main reason for delay in marriage is due to Vaasthu Doshas. Which is irrelevant as Vaasthu is ruled by the Fourth Bhava out of the 12 Bhavas in any horoscope. For marriage all the 12 Bhavas must be considered, like:

1st Bhava which rules over the nature and the behaviour of the native.

2nd Bhava which rules over the family, relatives and the financial position of the native.

3rd Bhava which rules over the in-laws.

4th Bhava which rules over the happiness in the married life.

5th Bhava which rules over the children.

6th Bhava which rules over health ailments.

7th Bhava which rules over the companion or life partner.

8th Bhava which rules over the longevity and legacy of the native.

9th Bhava which rules over the luck from companion.

10th Bhava which rules over the livelihood of the native.

11th Bhava which rules over the fulfilment of wishes and desires.

12th Bhava which rules over the bed comforts.

Therefore all of these Bhavas have to be analysed in the native’s horoscope to find if there are any Doshas related to marriage before looking into the Vaasthu Doshas.


When do you need a remedy in your life?

  • Whenever their Children fail in the examination.
  • Whenever their Children do not get an engineering or medical seat.
  • Whenever there is a sudden death in the family.
  • Whenever there is a delay of having children.

People Give reasons for Vaasthu Doshas:

  • There is a problem in profession.
  • They lose the case in the court of law.
  • They lose in political election.
  • People have loses in their business.
  • They make wrong investments, in real estate or share market.
  • There is a delay of marriage,
  • They put the blame on the building, as VAASTHU Doshas.
  • People relate all the problems to the place of Dwelling.
  • This blame is IRRELEVANT unless we IDENTIFY the RELATIVITY of the problem.


  • First:
  • Identify the ORIGIN of the problem in the Horoscope.
  • If there is no indication of any problem in the Horoscope.


To be continued…

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