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House of fear and surgeries

This house is facing the west direction and has a veedhi shoola in the West of North-West direction is auspicious. Also this house has a main gate in the West of North-West direction is also auspicious.

In this house has a basement, it has a ramp in the West of North-West direction which is also acceptable by Vaasthu principles.

But the pillars constructed for this house and for this basement are in the center line of East and West direction and North and South direction. As you are well aware that East to West direction line is known as Brahma rekhe and North to South line is known as Yama rekhe. As per Vaasthu Shasthra by-laws, the weight and construction should not be on the Brahma rekhe. The weight on these Brahma and Yama rekhe, gives ill effects to inmates of the house like health ailment and suffocation to live in this house.

Now let us know that because of blocking of the center line of the house the owner lady had to undergo the two surgeries, one in throat i. e for food pipe ailment and gynecological surgery. Also she had insomnia because of bad dreams and she use to dead body smell during midnights from the basement , due to this she use get lot of fear to stay at home lonely. Due to this, she developed and mental and psychological ailments.

Remedies given to this is as follows:-

1.First and foremost I have requested them to change the ownership of the property’

2.Advised them to extend the mother foundation as per the calculation provided by the Vaasthu principles so that the centerline of the property gets shifted.

3.Advised them to perform the Vaasthu homa, AshtaDigBandhana homa, Sudharshana homa, Pawamana homa and Dhanvanthri homa

4.Advised them to wear the lucky gems to over come the mental and physical ailments

After the above mentioned corrections there was improvement in health and bad smell has stopped and after that she got lot of courage and entire family is happy.

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