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Fire accidents in jute mill

This factory is facing west direction and they are the manufacturers of jute bags.


This is of two lakh square feet area of two sheds these two sheds are used for storage of jute and production purposes.

In this factory there used to be a frequent fire accidents. They have taken care of all the measures like stopping smoking inside the factory, they revamped all the electrical circuits and they have fixed new fire alarm equipments, they have imported from abroad, but even then the fire accidents use to occur and they could not find out the origin of the problem.

At last they sought the shelter of the Vaasthu and called me and inspected the factory, but for my surprise the main shed had main shed rolling shutter was in east of south-east and another door was in north of north-west diagonally opposite, the south-east door is known as Agni sthana door and north of northwest door is known as Vaayu sthana door, is nothing but fueling the fire. As per Vaasthu Shasthra usually the serious note is taken while fixing the doors, it is mentioned in the text confirming that definitely there will be a fire accidents.

The only corrections given to them are to close both entrances meant for movement which are in the Agni and Vaayu sthana. Surprisingly, the god is great; you believe it or not the fire accidents did not occur till date.

The Vaasthu Shasthra has helped them quite a lot in their prosperity.

Along with that I have advised them to wear the lucky stones as per their horoscope and requested them to perform Ashtadigbhandana homa.

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