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The House of Female Diseases

This house is facing East direction and has a main road on east direction with a veedhi shoola in the East of South-East direction, among all other veedhi shoolas this east south east veedhi shoola brings bad results only to females because Venus rules the South-East direction, Venus is the female planet. Hence all the bad effects only to female of this hose. This veedhi shoola takes the inmates to the court of law.

This house also has a main gate in East of South-East which is neecha sthana as per the positioning of the door formula is concerned and also when we divide the East compound wall in to nine divisions allocated to navagrahas the existing main gate position will be in Ketu graha sthana. The Ketu graha is a destructive planet in all respects.

The water body that is underground water sump tank is situated in the South-East segment of the building, which is also Agni sthana, especially these Agni and water body they are dire enemies because of their property. This also brings ill health and bad luck only to females of this house.

The set backs of the building as per the Vaasthu by-laws there is a more space in East and less space in the West direction, but there is a less space in the North direction when compared to South direction, the more space in the South a malefic direction , the direction ruler Yama rules this direction and malefic Mangala rules this direction, more space in this direction as if empowering the malefics to give more bad results.

The main door is also situated in the East of South-East direction, which is also in neecha sthana as per the positioning of door formula. This neecha sthana door also brings bad effect only to the lady of the house.

The kitchen is posited in the center of South direction of the house , as per Vaasthu Shasthra the Agni sthana is South-East direction , the center of South direction is also alternately acceptable because the ruler of South-East direction Shukra and ruler of South direction is Mangala , they are friends. Hence it is acceptable.

The toilet is situated in the West of South-West corner of the house, the toilet position as per Vaasthu Shasthra is only South-East, North-West and center of South and West directions but the North-East direction and South-West direction totally against the rule of Vaasthu. The owner of this property is a female, the toilet has brought her a chronic health ailment that is elephantiasis, she was immobile for two decades and was on the wheel chair. As soon as after her marriage she bought this house moved in a year or so she developed this disease, her entire life passed with unhappiness, she could not conceive due to this chronic ailment. The South-West toilet gave her ill-health and ill wealth drained out all her wealth due to this ailment.

All these years the master bed room was used by them was North-West room; this room also gave her unhappiness and fickle mindedness.

The corrections were given as follows:-

1.The main gate was shifted from South-East corner to East of North-East corner is Surya sthana.

2.Covered the open area in this southern direction with fabricated grill and with fiber glass roof.

3.Moved the bath room and toilet to North-West area.

4.Master bed room was made in the South-West corner of the house.

5.Astrological and gemological remedies were administered.

6.Suggested for placement of yantras.

7.Suggested to perform Mahamruthyunjaya homa and Dhanvanthri homa every year on her birth date along with Chaaya dhaana.

After following this correction her health has improved and they could see little happiness, the long pending court case was settled. But leg ailment was not cured fully.

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  • Sushmita 28th October 2010, 1:00 AM

    I usually don’t post in any sites, but your blog forced me to, you have done amazing work which is beautiful, informative and useful, thank you.

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