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House of Widows

The house was constructed on the plot of 100’ x 120’, which is facing East direction and has also the road in the East direction.

The main gate was situated in the East of North-East direction of the compound wall which is as per Vaasthu by laws , which gives auspicious results to the in mates of the house.

There is a more space in the East and North direction of the house between the building and compound wall, there is also less space (set back) in the south and west direction of the building this suits principles of Vaasthu Shasthra.

The water body i.e. Under ground water sump are situated in North-West direction of the building and another one is situated in the southwest direction of the building, as you are well aware that the jala sthaana is northeast of the plot, but unfortunately both the water body .

The Vaastu principle says that the water body should have been in the jalasthaan that is at North-East segment, which is also known as Eshanya sthaan which yields prosperity to the inmates and as well as for master and children, because the North-East direction is ruled by shubha graha Guru, Guru gives gauravam, gnanam, putram dhanam and vidya.

In this case the water body is situated in the North-West area, North-West is ruled by Vaayu.

The direction ruler and Chandra graha is the Graha Adipathi for this direction. Incase of storage of water in the Vaayu staan, we all know that water and air they are dire enemies, Chandra graha represents mother of this house and since it is a female graha the bad effect is only to females and mother of this house, like health ailments, mental anxiety, unhappiness.

Another water body is also situated in the South-West area of the house, South-West direction is ruled by direction ruler Niruthya and Graha Adipathy Rahu. Rahu also rules pitru of the house, hence he gives health and wealth problem to the master, and chronic diseases, which may be fatal also; Financial crisis and poverty.

The shape of the building has a missing right angle in North-East corner of the building North-East area is the place of or gate way of Gods, growth, happiness, good education to children, since this area is also called as Vaasthu Purusha sthana because of the missing right angle in some of the houses Vaasthu Purusha will be missing for short period or long period and permanently. It means to say that the head of the family will be missing from the house.

South-West direction is also ruled by the master and his prosperity and health and his profession, since the right angle is missing the master will experience the lack of health, prosperity and chronic health ailment, acute financial crisis and he may get cheated.

This combination like missing right angle and water body in South-West direction may bring fatal to the master either through accident or through serious health ailment.

The main door is situated in the North of North-East direction is auspicious brings beneficial results to inmates.

The back door is situated in South-West direction gives problem to master in his profession, drains out his health and wealth, gives chronic diseases like cancer, T.B., heart diseases, poverty, enmity with co-born, downfall, destruction to his growth and a down fall in his life, his life span also will be at stake, and all the family members passes through a severe difficulties.

The kitchen is situated in the North-East quadrant of the house, which is not beneficial when the financial position is concerned nothing but burning of the growth and financial status. As per Vaasthu the Agni sthana is South-East quadrant of the house and the right position as stated by the Vaasthu principle.

The master was using the South-East corner room as a master bed room , Vaasthu Shasthra clearly states that the Agni Sthana is meant for kitchen only not for sleeping or for storing cash and valuables. It burns the health and wealth. The South-East bed room gave them disharmony in their marital status and master’s wife was suffering with chronic ill health for more than two decades with breast cancer and master was suffering from heart ailment.

The results were devastating from the above mentioned Vaasthu defects existed in their house, master died of heart attack, son died in accident, son-in-law died of throat cancer. This house has produced three widows, with huge financial losses and poverty.

They could not sell the property due to this devastating effect in the building and none came to purchase the property.

The corrections were given as follows:-

1.The missing right angles in the North-East and South-West corners to be constructed.

2.Close the water bodies situated in the North-West and South-West directions

3.Close the back door which is situated in the Neecha Sthana and South-West corner

4.Shift the master bed room from South-East quadrant to the South-West corner of the house.

5.Feng-shui remedies were also given to them to like mirrors therapy to be hung on the North and East walls for enhancing the benefits for the inmates of the house. The mirror on these beneficial walls it deepens the surface and extends the Eashanya Sthana brings luck, financial growth, prosperity.

6.The Astrological remedies were also given to them, the Ashta DigBandhana Havana, Vaasthu Pooja and Vaastu bhali along with Sudharshana Havana.

7.Requested them to install the Mastya yantra , AshtaDigBandhana yantra and Vaastu yantra.

8.The Astrological remedies on the basis of their horoscope were also advised like Mani (Gems), Mantra (Prayer) and Aushada(Dhana).

9.Requested them to perform Pooja daily, Hanuman chaalisa, read Durga Saptha Shati and read Guru Datttreya charitra.

10.Navagraha Peeda Parihara stothras to be chanted daily for 108 times

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